Northern Horse Park

To be one with horses and nature,
Brilliant Moments Brilliant Moment – Shining Time

More about Northern Horse Park

Northern Horse Park offers a variety of activities and events throughout t
he year that make it easy for guests to interact with horses.

Northern Horse Park offers original wedding venues and productions s
o that you can enjoy delicious meals that take advantage of the blessings of th
e northern lands, as well as experience sparkling times
at life events, so that you can deliver a shining time throughout the day you visit.

In addition, northern farm, which is the leading farm of racehorse production and breeding ranch, is the mother, and as a facility respon
sible for the development of Japanese horse racing culture, we have a full range of riding competition venues and other facilities.

Northern Horse Park staff will provide a service so that guests visiting Northern Ho
rse Park can experience “Brilliant Moments”

Interact with and learn from many horses

There are about 80 horses of 12 types living in
the park. You can make many memories through experiences and int
eractions with various horses such as retired racehorses and ponies.