Mt. Tarumae

Mt. Tarumae is known as a rare triple active volcano. It takes about 60 minutes from the city to the 7th station Hutte and about 50 minutes from the 7th station to the top.
It is popular as a mountain where you can observe alpine plants, enjoy the magnificent scenery of Lake Shikotsu and the Pacific Ocean, and enjoy authentic mountain climbing close to you.

It belongs to the Nasu volcanic zone at an altitude of 1,041m and is a caldera volcano after it was formed about 9,000 years ago.

At the top is the academically valuable Lava Circle Hill (Dome), which has been designated as a natural monument of Hokkaido, and is known as a triple active volcano that is rare in the world.

You can drive to the 7th station parking lot, from where you can climb to the top in about 50 minutes.
In addition, more than 80 kinds of alpine plants grow naturally from the 7th to the top, and small flowers bloom from May to October to entertain the eyes of climbers.

In addition, you can enjoy the magnificent scenery such as Lake Shikotsu from Higashiyama, and it is gaining popularity from many travelers, including mountain climbers.

Currently, mountain climbing is in an active volcanic situation, so it is up to the outer ring mountain.