Auto Resort Alten

Alten is located in a corner of Nishiki Onuma Park in the western part of Tomakomai City, Hokkaido. Located in Tarumaeyama Ryo, this park has a total area of 236 hectares and has been popular and used by many citizens as a place of relaxation for Tomakomai citizens since 1987. A major feature of this park is that it has an excellent natural environment, including two natural lakes, natural forests, and small rivers.

Facilities that can be used throughout the four seasons with rich nature

Since 1988, under the “Auto Resort Network Concept” proposed by the Hokkaido Development Agency, construction has been proceeding as a new type of recreation base centered on the largest auto campsite in Hokkaido so that it can be used for outdoor activities, health maintenance, nature observation, family danran, etc. in harmony with the natural environment. Today, we have many facilities such as 209 camp sites open all year round, 10 bungalows, 10 cabins, 3 log houses, 28 park golf courses, 18 holes of natural hot spring Yunoyu, canoe bases <8 boats owned> etc.

Location 421-4 Tarumae, Tomakomai City, Hokkaido
TEL 0144-67-2222
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